How.Camp Gabrovo 2024

Free, open and cooperative event about free/libre and open source software.

Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
July 27, 2024

In English and Bulgarian

How.Camp aims to be a free, open and cooperative event about free software and open source.

πŸ’‘ Be infomed about the latest development in the free and open soource software world.

✨ Meet humans who can help you with theit knowldge, ideas and experience.

🀩 Share info and/or start a career based on the FOSS.

πŸ™Œ Discuss the foundametal freedoms in the software.


The event is free to enjoy!

If you wish to donate and support the event, see the info inside the ticket
If you wish to donate and support FOSS projects, the info will be avalable onsite.


Common questions and answers about the event

The Speakers

Behold! Some of our awesome speakers. More to come!

Luca Weiss

Luca Weiss

Android Platform Engineer at Fairphone


Bogomil Shopov

Council Member at Thunderbird


Alexander Todorov

Project lead at Kiwi TCMS

The Talks

Confimed talks: 3 out of 9

πŸ’š means that the project has contrubutors in or arround Gabrovo.

  • schedule-speaker

    Open source operating systems for phones

    lang: πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    The phones you can buy nowadays are all running proprietary software and are full with tracking that infringe on your privacy and your software freedoms. I will introduce you to some projects that aim to make usable open-source (to various degrees) operating systems for phones. How they differ, how they protect user freedoms and what makes them great.

    - By Luca Weiss

  • schedule-speaker

    Community, Thunderbird and Heavy Metal

    lang: πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ or πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ | πŸ’š

    A short overview of the open-source e-mail client Thunderbird from a community perspective: What happened in the past, and how did we come strong out of it?, What is the plan for the next year? How you can help and why? A bit about contributing to FOSS in general A few words about using heavy metal to inspire yourself.
    Rock on!

    - By Bogomil Shopov

  • schedule-speaker

    lang: πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ or πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ | πŸ’š

    Hardware for teaching exploratory testing

    The original idea comes from James Lyndsay with more recent implementation from Claudiu Draghia.

    The premise of these exercises is that when analyzing/exploring a complex system under test (SUT) it is not very easy to be exercising the system and observing what happens and analyzing your own actions to figure out if you are missing something or not. The goal of all exercises is to figure out how each of them works, e.g. how each box works.

    The term black-box testing is used when we have to deal with a SUT whose internals are unknown to the observer. The only way we can interact with SUT is by input values and the only feedback that we get is observing if/how SUT changes its final state. All of the examples here are designed with this in mind, hence the boxes are black in color.

    The opposite term also exists: white box testing - this is when SUT internals are known to us, either via documentation or source code or schematics, something else and/or all of the above.

    - By Alexander Todorov


What else you could do during the event.

Help OSM

Help OpenStreetMap

Download the "Street Complete" App to your phone and combine your city exploration with a contribution to a great open project.

This app finds missing map data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as quests. Solve each quest by visiting the location on-site and answering a simple question to update the map.

The info you enter is directly added to OpenStreetMap in your name, without the need to use another editor.

Explore the Museum

Explore the Museum

Explore the current exhibitions at the Museum of Humor and Satire featuring works by satirists and humorists from Bulgaria and around the world.

Familiarize yourself with the history of Gabrovo’s folk humor and carnival tradition. Look through the prism of mirror installations and see the reflection of the world in a different reality.

A reality where humor, irony, and satire are not the goal but the tools through which the masters of comedy ply their craft.